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Zmorph Unveils Rebranding and New 3D Printers

Zmorph Unveils Rebranding and New 3D Printers

Written by Paul

December 10, 2020

Polish 3D printer manufacturer Zmorph has undergone rebranding and unveiled a new 3D printer—Zmorph Fab—in their portfolio.


The company is shifting toward the industrial sector with a new brand image and marketing communications, and plans to release an industrial 3D printer in Q1 2021. 3D Printer that Delivers Today, Zmorph unveiled a revamped website and brand image, along with a brand new product added to its portfolio, Zmorph Fab. The company’s new marketing strategy is directed at the professional market sector, seeking to unlock further growth in industrial fields. Founded in 2012, Zmorph is building upon nearly a decade of industry experience and adapting to the needs of a shifting market. Zmorph’s new brand image features a modern, technical appearance that goes with the new Zmorph core, built around the brand essence: 3D printer that delivers. The company’s mission is to learn, improve, and deliver exactly what its customers […]


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