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Z Offset (3D Printing) – How to Adjust It

Z Offset (3D Printing) – How to Adjust It

Written by David

April 29, 2019

Having trouble getting your prints to stick even after manually leveling the build plate? Would you like to print on top of an existing object? Try using Z offset to adjust where your 3D printer starts printing. What Is Z Offset? The offset can be positive or negative depending upon if the bed is too close or too far away. Source: bladefire doomsday / YouTube For many 3D printing enthusiasts, getting the perfect initial layer dictates the quality of the resulting print. Z offset distance offers a method to ensure first layer perfection. Z offset is the distance between the hot end and the Z home position on 3D printers. Ideally, this would match the distance between the hot end and the print bed, as well. However, differences in limit switch position, homing probes, and manual bed leveling complicate this issue. The most common reason for adjusting the Z […]


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