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Your next flight will be with 3D printed engine parts!

Your next flight will be with 3D printed engine parts!

Written by David

November 12, 2018

Additive Manufacturing is becoming commonly used in many industries and aerospace is no different. We already talked about 3D printed rocket engines and Siemens’ turbine blades . Now it’s time to talk about Airbus again. Clearly, this Aerospace giant is making the most of Additive Manufacturing. What is their next project? Find out with our blog post right now! Why Airbus chose 3D printing? We already know Airbus has been investing in Additive Manufacturing technologies . The company benefits from it with absolutely new design freedom , allowing for innovative production solutions that the industry hasn’t seen before. What is so beneficial about 3D printed parts? 3D printed parts are robust, sometimes stronger than the ones produced with traditional methods ; create less material waste ; bring the production costs down ; and what most important in the aerospace industry- they are lightweight . The lighter the airplane, the […]


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