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You might soon be able to 3D print wood

You might soon be able to 3D print wood

Written by David

March 20, 2019

We are now able to 3D print a lot of different materials, and researchers continue to be interested in the development of new 3D printing materials. Today, let’s talk about this new project of 3D printed wood, developed by researchers from Columbia University! They managed to 3D print digital wood. How? What are the possibilities offered by this experiment? What are the different possibilities we actually have to 3D print wood? Let’s discover it right now! 3D printing wood: Is it already possible? A new experiment has been led Could it be possible to 3D print wood with the same quality we now print metal, plastic or resin? Maybe soon. A new manufacturing technique has been developed to 3D print wood, or should we say, to 3D print parts looking like wooden parts! The resin blocks developed by the researchers look just like olive wood! The huge challenge of […]


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