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You Can Now Get A 3D Printed Ultrasound Of Your Unborn Baby

You Can Now Get A 3D Printed Ultrasound Of Your Unborn Baby

Written by David

August 27, 2020

A 3D-printed type of ultrasound means that blind parents are able to ‘see’ their unborn babies. By conducting special ultrasounds and using 3D-printed technology, doctors can make incredible 3D printouts of an unborn baby’s face.


For parents with impaired vision – like Taylor Ellis, 26, who was born with glaucoma – the 3D prints are a miraculous alternative to traditional scans. When Taylor had her 20-week scan and was unable to see her baby, she was left in tears. When her doctors found out, they created a special 3D ultrasound for Taylor, allowing her to get to know her baby’s features through touch.


Mum-of-three Taylor and her husband Jeremy, 28, who is also visually impaired, said that being able to feel the scan was a dream come true. Baby Rosalie is now ten weeks old, and Taylor said the 3D printing technology – most commonly used to make […]


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