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You can now 3D print your own iconic Bladeless fan

You can now 3D print your own iconic Bladeless fan

Written by David

February 8, 2019

If you never had the money to spring for one of Dyson’s bladeless fans, know that you could pretty much print a similar one for yourself. Designed by Daniel Mitchell, a 3-D printing enthusiast from South Africa, this bladeless fan uses an airfoil shape to suck and capture additional air, creating a cool, un-buffeted breeze. It also features a rather neat looking triangular shape that’s cool enough to grab eyes but different enough to keep Dyson’s copyright lawyers at bay. The fan is almost entirely 3D printed (the files are available to download for free) and requires a couple of extra components (a 120mm computer fan, a 12V DC power adapter, and an on/off switch), and just a touch of technical prowess to piece the entire model together. The total print time is up to 35 hours… which may seem like a lot, but considering that it would take […]


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