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Xerox to launch 3D printing systems in 2020

US printing giant Xerox is developing new 3D printing technologies and will begin introducing them to the market in 2020.


“We’ve been testing our 3D technology with the Department of Defense and NASA to design some of the most complex parts in the world,” said Xerox chief technology officer, Naresh Shanker. “3D printing is going to transform manufacturing, and Xerox is going to drive that change.”


3D printing has been around for years, used for rapid prototyping, modelling, and in education. But as the vice president of emerging technology research at Forrester, Carlton Doty, writes in his 2018 research report on additive manufacturing:


“The costs have plummeted; the capabilities of the hardware and software are advancing exponentially; and innovations in materials science now enable manufacturers to print end-use components at scale with the quality standards they demand.” Xerox aims to disrupt traditional manufacturing through its 3D liquid metal technology […]


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