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World’s first fully 3D-printed vertical farm debuts

World’s first fully 3D-printed vertical farm debuts

Written by David

September 23, 2020

The world’s first fully 3D-printed irrigated green wall made its debut in June 2019. The Banyan Eco Wall is a vertical farm with a seamless sculptural design. Unlike other 3D-printed structures, its functionality — the irrigation and drainage system — is embedded inside. The eco wall was printed with a BigRep One V3 , which is considered one of the most advanced large-scale industrial 3D printers in the world.


Mirek Claßen, Tobias Storz and Lindsay Lawson of NowLab, BigRep’s research and innovation program, designed the project.


“Similar vertical farm structures have required channels to be manually embedded into the design in a complicated process after manufacturing with metal piping and a variety of other parts,” BigRep said in a statement . “The Banyan, on the other hand, is 3D-printed with internal channels included in the design.” That means consumers won’t have to figure out how to create and install […]


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