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Wood Filament (3D Printing) – Explained & Compared

Wood Filament (3D Printing) – Explained & Compared

Written by David

April 13, 2019

The speed rate of filament development is actually fascinating. Amongst the younger, hottest developments is wood filament. We’ll take a closer look at what exactly is it, and some of the market’s most popular choices. SppTimberfill filament.


Wood 3D printing was born around 2012. The first filaments were PLA-based filaments with integrated sawdust. The early experiments, however, showed that sawdust wasn’t the best solution for either wood 3D printing nor wood filaments. These days, wood filament is still PLA-based, but the wood is instead integrated in the form of wooden fibers. Many different types of wood have emerged, as well! You can now choose between birch, coconut, bamboo, timber, cedar, and many others. Typically, wood filaments contain 70% PLA and 30% wooden fibers, but it all really depends on the filament manufacturer. Despite this seemingly low fraction of wood, we guarantee you’ll be impressed with just […]


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