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Woman’s ear reconstructed using 3D-printing technology after pit bull attack

Written by David

February 7, 2019

Modal Trigger Pamela lost her right ear when she was attacked by her ex-boyfriend’s dog. Plastic surgeons were able to recreate it using cartilage and 3D technology. Late one night in 2016, after an argument with her then-boyfriend, Pamela found herself at the mercy of his pit bull, which bit her right ear and wouldn’t let go, despite her ex’s attempts to intervene. By the time she got the dog off her, the entire ear was ripped off. “There was nothing there. Absolutely nothing there,” says the 30-year-old finance worker from Elmhurst, Queens, who withheld her last name for professional reasons. For Pamela, the yearslong process to rebuild her ear wasn’t just excruciatingly painful — “there were 11 surgeries, I think. I lost track after the eighth one” — it was a struggle toward getting back an important part of her identity. “It’s a cultural thing,” she says. “Most […]


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