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Wisconsin: Zero Barrier Labs is Trying to Make Metal 3D Printing 17 Times Cheaper

Written by David

April 23, 2019

While many companies are keenly interested in the advances 3D printing is encouraging today—along with additive manufacturing processes making use of a variety of different metal powders to create strong, durable, yet lightweight parts—start-up costs can be cost-prohibitive. The team at Wisconsin’s Zero Barrier aims to help others learn more about 3D printing, along with bridging the gap in challenges for others to actually make use of the technology. Currently, they have plans to open a factory in Madison, WI, where others can send in their 3D designs for printing and then pick them up after a swift turnaround time. They also hope to commercialize their own metal 3D printers subsequently. The startup, founded two years ago, is comprised of a team of engineering students from UW-Madison who met through the university Hyperloop Team . Fast forward to the present moment, and they have created a metal 3D printer […]


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