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Why the Maker Community is Important After Natural Disasters

Written by David

January 13, 2020

I find myself writing this a few days after the natural movement of tectonic plates near the southwestern coast of Puerto Rico caused a 6.4 Richter scale earthquake that shook the whole island. For many of us it was a first-time experience dealing with these unexpected heavy tremors that caused major infrastructure damage in various towns in southern Puerto Rico. Nevertheless, our memories of incredible resilience are still fresh from the Category 5 Hurricane Maria that embattled our Caribbean paradise with 175 mph winds back in September 2017. Said natural event placed Puerto Rico (a territory already affected by economic uncertainty) facing its most critical challenge of modern times. Two years after that event, the island was still recovering from the effects of hurricane Maria when we received the surprising event of waking up to an earthquake early in the morning. There are imminent emergency procedures that take place […]


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