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Why should you use CLIP (DLS) technology for your next project?

Why should you use CLIP (DLS) technology for your next project?

Written by David

March 27, 2019

Are you starting a new 3D printing project and you’re unsure about the technology you should use? Or maybe you’re new to Additive Manufacturing? Let us introduce you to one of the most effective and highly precise 3D printing technologies: CLIP (DLS) by Carbon. Did you know that industry giants such as Adidas and Ford already use CLIP (DLS)? How can you achieve strong and highly complex projects with CLIP (DLS)? Do you need flexible parts? That’s not a problem for CLIP (DLS). What are your other material options? Get ready to discover a groundbreaking technology used by giants such as Adidas and Ford! How does DLS work? We recently talked about 100 times faster 3D printing with light . CLIP (DLS) is also using digital light projection to achieve the best quality of printing. Indeed, the surface of the object produced with CLIP (DLS) is one of the […]


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