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Why Governments Should Be Using Blockchain

Blockchain is much more than Cryptos, and governments and entrepreneurs are collaborating to solve the world’s problems JJ Ying Unsplash Cryptocurrency has had a lot to answer for in recent years. Bitcoin, Ethereum et al have hardly been out of the headlines since their inception, culminating in ‘ the Crypto Crash ’ of 2018 that shocked die-hard fans and investors – but the real victim in all the ensuing chaos was blockchain. As the foundational technology behind cryptocurrencies, blockchain was immediately equated with them, and when public sentiment for cryptos tanked blockchain went with it. Blockchain, however, is far more than just cryptocurrency, and renewed (or continued) interest in the technology could help prove its worth beyond the crypto bubble. With real-world examples hard to come by, governments, corporations and those wielding the most influence must collaborate to bring blockchain out of the cryptocurrency doldrums . But can proponents […]


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