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Where is 3D printing in manufacturing most useful?

Where is 3D printing in manufacturing most useful?

Written by David

March 23, 2019

Most manufacturing companies have considered the possibility of introducing 3D printing techniques and equipment to their factory floors, though not that many have actually done so. The majority of manufacturers are either experimenting in the engineering lab with 3D printing, or additive manufacturing , or are perhaps using it for rapid prototyping , which can produce a working model of a design more quickly and inexpensively. But a growing number of companies are, in fact, implementing 3D printing in manufacturing to produce their final parts and products that are sold to customers — and these 3D printed parts and products aren’t just novelties or curiosities. They can be high-performance parts and products for mission-critical applications that require high precision and reliable performance. Additive manufacturing, at least in its current state, is not well-suited for high volume production; therefore, it is not seeing use for producing consumer products. It is, […]


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