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Where I Work: Toby Hextall of MOO

Where I Work: Toby Hextall of MOO

Written by Paul

October 23, 2018

If you’ve ever been in need of business cards, chances are you’ve come across MOO and their incredibly convenient and user-friendly method of creating them. Over the years, they’ve added to their product line to include stationery, holiday cards, notebooks, stickers, and basically anything you’d need to advertise yourself or your business at incredibly reasonable prices. While their business model is online, there’s a huge team behind it all that make it happen, including Toby Hextall, MOO’s London-based Director of Product Design. For this month’s Where I Work , Hextall takes us inside his London office to see where he and his team work on concepting, creating, and delivering the MOO products and packaging we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing. Take a look. What is your typical work style? Creatively, I like the mornings the best – especially earlier when they tend to be quieter with fewer meetings. It […]


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