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When MakerBot Is Not The MakerBot You Knew

Written by Paul

December 10, 2020

Luke Colby of Triton Space Technologies [Source: MakerBot] I’m reading one of MakerBot’s recent case studies, and had a thought about how the company has changed.


MakerBot began as a rough-and-tumble Brooklyn-based startup making a home 3D printer kit. Rudimentary as it looks in retrospect, it was revolutionary and its buzz kicked off the widespread use of the technology we see today. Since then they were acquired by Stratasys in 2013 and have made countless internal and external changes. Today they market an incredibly powerful professional desktop 3D printer, the METHOD. I’ve seen the amazing output this device can produce, and wish I had one myself. That said, my positivity is totally overwhelmed by the negativity towards MakerBot that still exists in the 3D print community. There are many who felt MakerBot should have continued the path it began in 2009, and not shifted towards a professional audience as […]


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