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What Size Should the Nozzle of Your 3D Printer Be?

What Size Should the Nozzle of Your 3D Printer Be?

Written by David

July 24, 2020

While most 3D printers ship fully assembled or with all the necessary components, that’s no reason to limit yourself to the default parts. Having more alternative components gives you a bit of added flexibility when working with different filaments, or if you’re looking for different results out of your finished prints.


The extruder nozzle is one part of a 3D printer that’s fairly easy to replace. However, switching from one nozzle to another can have pronounced effects on the performance of the printer and the quality of the product. If you’re still confused about what size of nozzle you should use, then we’ve prepared this guide especially for you. Factors to consider when choosing a nozzle diameter Most 3D printers will come with a brass nozzle with a diameter of 0.4 millimeters. This nozzle is perfectly […]


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