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What is Organ Bioprinting?

What is Organ Bioprinting?

Written by David

June 1, 2019

In an exciting medical breakthrough, a team of American researchers have developed a new technique that uses 3D bioprinting to create intricate vascular networks capable of supporting human life. The concept is known as ‘organ bioprinting’ and is notoriously difficult as human organs are incredibly complex. For example, the liver performs more than 500 different functions, a feat of multitasking that researchers have been unable to mimic. Now, a collaborative team from Rice University and the University of Washington have successfully used 3D printing technology to create replacement organs that feature the sophisticated passageways used to channel blood, air and other vital fluids through the body. Overcoming the complexities of tissue engineering Led by Jordan Miller of Rice University and Kelly Stevens of the University of Washington, the project overcame the challenge of tissue engineering by developing open source bioprinting technology known as SLATE, short for Stereolithography Apparatus for […]


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