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What Is Material Jetting? – 3D Printing Simply Explained

What Is Material Jetting? – 3D Printing Simply Explained

Written by David

March 22, 2019

Material jetting is a relatively new 3D printing technique that uses liquid photopolymer and UV light. Learn all about this speedy technology, including how it works, its pros and cons, and its ideal application areas. Stratasys Objet100 Plus material jetting 3D printer Source: Javelin Technologies Material jetting (MJ) is one of the fastest and most accurate 3D printing technologies. It builds parts using liquid photopolymer droplets, which are cured (made solid) with UV light. Because the photopolymer resin is sprayed in droplets before it’s solidified, MJ is often compared to the 2D inkjet process. However, while inkjet printers deposit only a single layer of ink droplets, MJ builds layer upon layer until the part is finished. MJ is also quite similar to SLA since it uses a UV light source to cure the resin. Here, the difference is that MJ 3D printers spray hundreds of tiny droplets at a […]


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