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What is Biomedical 3D Printing?

Written by David

February 12, 2020

3D printing has become increasingly popular. And thanks to falling prices , high-quality budget 3D printers are available for everyday home use. Generally, 3D printing conjures up either filament-based (FDM) or resin (SLA) printers.


However, outside of residential and even most commercial 3D printing purposes, 3D printing impacts biomedical sectors.


What is 3D Bioprinting?


3D bioprinting is a process that employs 3D printing for biological processes such as combining cells or biomaterial to thereby create an item that features tissue properties. Similar to non-biomedical 3D printing, it’s a process wherein material, in this case, biological rather than filament or resin, is deposited layer by layer comprising biolinks. These tissue-esque formations may then be used for various applications within the biomedical field. It’s broken down into a few different steps. First comes pre-bioprinting […]


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