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What can 3D printing tell us about the human brain?

What can 3D printing tell us about the human brain?

Written by David

November 30, 2018

Our world is full of networks. Our social networks are abstract, but others, such as the circuitry in our brains or the underground networks of fungi that trees use to communicate, have to exist physically. Physical networks, which are restricted by the laws of three-dimensional space, captured the interest of Nima Dehmamy , a postdoctoral researcher at Northeastern’s Center for Complex Network Research . “If you’re on Twitter, you can have as many followers as you like,” said Dehmamy. “But if you’re a neuron in the brain, every connection that you get occupies some space. The more connections you have, the more space you will require.” Dehmamy and Soodabeh Milanlouei , a doctoral student in industrial engineering, built a physics-based computer model to find the most efficient layout for those networks. They considered factors such as the thickness of the connections, the size of the nodes being connected, and […]


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