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What are the latest developments in 3D printing in space?

What are the latest developments in 3D printing in space?

Written by David

December 14, 2018

Additive Manufacturing is exactly what the Aerospace industry needs, as it redefines design and material possibilities. Researchers already work with 3D printing on Earth and the potential uses of it in space . The next step? Testing it in orbit and on Mars. It’s been a while since we sent our 3D printed satellite into space , what has changed since then?Using 3D printing in space can be challenging, but not impossible. Additive Manufacturing brings more benefits to the aerospace industry than disadvantages, so scientists and engineers all around the world are not giving up on this technology. Certainly, AM gives the possibility to use new materials that no other technology could produce objects with. We already discussed an incredible project of 3D printing with moondust .Other than that, Additive Manufacturing also allows for the creation of lightweight structures, which is absolutely crucial in the aerospace industry, even if […]


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