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What are smart materials?

What are smart materials?

Written by David

November 9, 2018

We hear more and more from new experiments made using 4D printing. The 4D printing technology is using the same printing process than 3D printing, the difference between these two manufacturing techniques is the material: the use of what we call smart materials is allowing to create 4D printed objects. If 3D printing is already completely transforming the industrial world, 4D printing could also be quite a revolution. Indeed, this process could allow creating more than static structures. Let’s talk about these smart materials. What are we talking about when we tell you about smart materials? How are they reacting? How can we use them? Discover all you need to know about these in our blog post! What are smart materials? Definition of smart materials Smart materials are materials reacting to external stimulations and have one or more properties. We could also call them responsive materials. These objects can […]


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