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What Are G-Codes and How Are They Used in 3D Printing?

What Are G-Codes and How Are They Used in 3D Printing?

Written by David

June 18, 2020

3D printers have greatly benefited from the great strides that manufacturing technology has made over the last couple of decades.


Not only are 3D printers incredibly small and highly precise, but they are almost fully automated. This move to automation has assured that modern manufacturing equipment are less prone to errors that are inherent with manual operations.


At the heart of any automated process is a standard programming language. In 3D printing, this programming language is known as the G-Code . What exactly is G-Code and how does it help people communicate with 3D printers? A brief history of G-Code G-Code is pretty easy to spot, as its commands are prefixed by the letter ‘G.’ Many references would say that the ‘G’ stands for geometric, but this is no longer a representative definition of the capabilities of G-Code. This may come as a surprise to some, but G-Code isn’t […]


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