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What 3D Printing Will Look Like In 2019

What 3D Printing Will Look Like In 2019

Written by David

January 3, 2019

Pexels Pexels In 2019, consumers will interact with technology in new and exciting ways that will impact how we cook, clean, drive, work and live. But for those of us who work in the tech industry, 2019 holds even greater promise and far deeper intrigue. Specifically, I think it will be a watershed year in 3D printing — a field that is already affecting all of our lives. The real game-changer in 2019 is not what technology will do but how it will come into being. Here are three examples: Breaking The Speed And Functionality Barrier 2019 will see the widespread availability and adoption of high-speed 3D printing. This is the new frontier of additive manufacturing, and it’s already here. Today, there are commercially available, cost-effective products that can print around 40 times faster than the average 3D printer. These “factories in a box” are perfect for printing mechanical […]


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