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Instructables user Mattosx has created a fully 3D printed speaker that utilizes neodymium magnets to create crisp sound. Learn how to make your own. We’ve seen a number of instances where 3D printed enclosures are made for speakers. But have you ever heard of a speaker that is actually 3D printed as well? Thanks to Instructables user Mattosx , now you have! The maker recently shared his step-by-step process detailing how to build an entirely 3D printed speaker . This simple speaker box design utilizes neodymium magnets to generate a permanent magnetic field. When the electric current is sent through the coil, a temporary magnetic field is created, attracting the magnetic field from the magnet. This interaction causes vibration that we interpret as sound. The creator of this project has shared a “Simple Version,” which consists of a lower and upper speaker box, as well as a “Cooler Version” […]