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Weekend Project – Tick-Tock with this Single-Print Mechanical Clock

Weekend Project – Tick-Tock with this Single-Print Mechanical Clock

Written by David

February 2, 2019

It’s high time someone built a 3D printed time ticker, and this one by Thingiverse user A26 prints in a single go! Follow along to build your very own wall-mounted analog timepiece in true gear-turning style. Time-Saving (and Keeping) Minimalism Since the invention of the desktop 3D printer, makers have been justifying their existence by virtue of their fantastic ability to create custom gearwork and prototypes. From that reasoning comes the obvious logic of creating a 3D printable, analog clock. Of course, it couldn’t just end there. Ed B. (A26) came up with a way to fit all of the required parts for such a timepiece into a single 180 mm by 180 mm build plate. He states in the description of his Thingiverse post that “It was a fun exercise in minimalism and a test of my printer’s fine detail capabilities.” Such minimalism and ingenuity is something that […]


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