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Weekend Project: Make Your Own 3D Printed Circuit Board

Weekend Project: Make Your Own 3D Printed Circuit Board

Written by David

January 20, 2019

Learn how to make a solderless 3D printed circuit board using conductive epoxy. The concept may not replace traditional soldered circuits anytime soon, but it’s a step closer to a fully-automated 3D printed circuit board. The 3D printed circuit board. Source: mikey77 / Thingiverse For this project, we make a 3D printed circuit board that flashes three LEDs in sequence. The original 3D printed circuit board , which we’ll be following, was made by Instructables user mikey77 — let’s call him Mikey. It used a conductive material for the traces; no copper cladding. The solderless board resembles standard 1/16”-thick soldered perfboard and has holes for component leads. Below the holes are the printed channels, which are filled with epoxy after printing. This is an experimental circuit board whose components can be easily connected without the need for soldering. And while it may not do much, it’s simply meant to […]


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