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Weekend Project: Create Your Own Multi-Color Filament with…3D Printed Filament?

Have you ever wanted to make your own multi-color materials? Now you can by…3D printing filament? That’s right. Thingiverse user Turbo_SunShine shows us how to repurpose your filament to create new color combinations! Filament. It’s the food that you feed through your 3D printer to create and innovate objects that satisfy the appetite of your imagination. But unless you have a machine with dual-extrusion 3D printing capabilities, your 3D printed creations will be restricted to a single color. That is, unless you think outside of the box, or in this case, outside of the filament spool. For today’s Weekend Project, we’ll look at a unique filament production process developed by Thingiverse user Turbo_SunShine . No expensive filament recycling machines, no having to deal with plastic pellets, all you need to make your own 3D printable filament is….filament? You read that right. Using a few different spools of filament, you […]


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