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We Can’t Believe These 3D Printed Lamps Are All Under $200

We Can't Believe These 3D Printed Lamps Are All Under $200

Written by Paul

October 9, 2018

Technically, you can go out right now and buy a 3D printer from Staples for under $300 and start cranking out vases, coasters, candlesticks, even door hinges this afternoon. But do you want to? Will you actually like how any home-printed decor looks? Spoiler… Probs not, so here’s a better idea: Scroll through all the incredibly chic table lamp designs offered by Gantri, a new company that’s using 3D printing to make sustainable designer homewares for way less. (That’s designers, plural; Gantri offers pieces by independent designers from all over the world, so the piece you get from them will look a whole lot more unique than anything you’re getting from a big-box store.) They launched last fall with a line of 30 exclusive table lamps available in gray, white, or off-white—and every single one of them is under $200. SHOP NOW : Sopp Table Light by Kiyv, Ukraine-based […]


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