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Watch This Company Build The World’s Largest 3D Printed House In One Go

3D printed houses are built through additive manufacturing techniques. All the credit goes to large 3D printers and their printing materials. Large-scale 3D printing has enabled us to develop more significant projects in the future using the same method. It uses material extrusion technology.



The material mix includes cement, sand, geopolymers, and fibers. The material’s strength is said to be three times more than conventional brick building. A Belgian construction company Kamp already is showcasing its creation of the world’s biggest single structure house through 3D printing. The all-new method would result in a shift in worldwide construction as it’s more economical, far more efficient in terms of time consumed in a project, and far more applicable. Once the method gets easily accessible in all parts of the world, it would make a significant impact on the lives of millions. The technology is new for now to apply it […]


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