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WATCH: High-speed metal 3D printing in new Digital Alloys video

Written by David

February 11, 2019

Metal 3D printing gets a speed boost in a new video from Digital Alloys. The Burlington, MA based enterprise boasts “the fastest way to make the hardest parts” and in the video a titanium alloy (Ti64) is 3D printed at a deposition rate of over 2kg/hr. Duncan McCallum, CEO of Digital Alloys, says “ Joule Printing is a precise, closed loop process – yielding consistently high quality metal. We can control exactly how much metal and heat are added to the melt pool at every voxel.” As the above video illustrates, the resulting components are near net-shape and require further machining. The Digital Alloys process uses, “ standard, commodity metal wire ”, this means that a wider range of metal based material options are possible. Furthermore, Digital Alloys tell us that their Joule Printing method, “has no thermal time constant (the time to move heat to where it is […]

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