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Volvo installs 3D printed Living Seawall tiles in Sydney Harbour to combat ocean plastic pollution

Written by David

January 31, 2019

Volvo recently installed its 3D printed Living Seawall in the Sydney Harbour to promote marine biodiversity. Approximately half of Sydney’s coast has been converted to manmade seawall over the last 200 years due to increased urbanization, a process that has removed large sections of mangrove jungle, and along with it all of the marine and coastal life that resides and feeds in and around the interweaving mangrove roots. That marine life has a purifying effect on the water as many of the organisms feed on toxins, chemicals, and particulate matter that are the result of human pollution. While Volvo has already committed to a ban of single-use plastics across all of its offices, canteens, factories, and events by the end of 2019, they’re also promoting other initiatives to actively and passively clean the oceans of the plastics and pollutants that are already there. For the 3D printed Living Seawall, […]

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