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Virtual scalpel, please: Israeli tech revolutionizes the operating theater

Written by David

February 18, 2019

A surgeon uses a 3D Systems surgical procedure simulator. (photo credit: PR) Even for the most experienced and steady-handed surgeons, entering the operating theater to perform a rare and complex surgical procedure can lead to considerable anxiety. But what if the operating theater suddenly isn’t the first time that the surgeon tackles the task at hand? At the Tel Aviv offices of 3D Systems, a talented group of medical, technology and graphics experts have made it their mission to ensure that surgeons meet even the most complex procedures hands on before entering the operating theater, through the company’s pioneering three-dimensional and virtual reality-based medical and surgical simulators. “We’re leading a revolution in how physicians are trained,” Ran Bronstein, 3D Systems vice president, chief research and operation officer, healthcare, told The Jerusalem Post . “Pilots have been using simulators for many years, but there are more physicians than pilots. And […]


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