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VIDEO: NASA Designing Excavators, 3D Printing for Space

VIDEO: NASA Designing Excavators, 3D Printing for Space

Written by David

September 19, 2018

NASA is developing an excavator and 3D printer in preparation to built habitats in space, mentioning the possibility of occupying Mars or the Moon. If a long-lasting lunar base on the Moon is in our future, NASA’s administrator Jim Bridenstine tells The Verge , we’ll need to utilize the resources we find on the planet itself. The Verge reported that fortunately, the Moon may have a lot to offer humans. While water is one crucial resource available on the Moon, dirt is another, known as the lunar soil “regolith.” At NASA’s Swamp Works in the Kennedy Space Center, engineers have developed ways to turn simulated regolith into 3D printing material. Rather than launch Earth’s supplies into space, the goal is to send up excavation robots, mining facilities, and 3D printers to construct all basic living materials. One of the machines used in the space center’s regolith simulation chamber is […]


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