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[VIDEO] 3D Printing Breaking into Building Industry

[VIDEO] 3D Printing Breaking into Building Industry

Written by David

March 27, 2019

3D printer at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Credit: Eindhoven University of Technology Architectural projects that rely on 3D printing have continued to increase in number over the past five years, according to an article in Scientific American. Ever since Spain opened the first 3D printed pedestrian bridge in 2016, for example, the push for printed architecture seems to be accelerating. Some experts believe the construction of unique prototypes like these could welcome a shift in the construction sector, the article says. According to Theo Salet, a concrete technology professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology, the peak in interest is a sign of “an ongoing digital transition in the construction industry.” He spoke to Scientific American on the subject in a recent article. According to the article, there are several benefits to 3D printing versus usual bridge construction. When using regular methods, for example, workers mix concrete and […]


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