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Versatile New Material Family Could Build Realistic Prosthetics

Versatile New Material Family Could Build Realistic Prosthetics

Written by David

September 5, 2020

Nature’s blueprint for the human limb is a carefully layered structure with stiff bone wrapped in layers of different soft tissue, like muscle and skin, all perfectly bound together. Achieving this kind of sophistication using synthetic materials to build biologically inspired robotic parts or multicomponent, complex machines has been an engineering challenge.


By tweaking the chemistry of a single polymer, researchers at Texas A&M University and the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory have created a family of synthetic materials that range in texture from ultra-soft to extremely rigid.


The researchers said their materials are 3D printable, self-healing, recyclable and naturally adhere to each other in air or underwater. Their findings are detailed in the May issue of the journal Advanced Functional Materials. For further information see the IDTechEx report on 3D Printing Materials 2019-2029: Technology and Market Analysis . “We have made an exciting group […]


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