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We had a closer look at Velo3D’s amazing metal 3D printing process.

In a word, it’s delicious.

No Support 3D Printing

The company, which operated in complete stealth until just under a year ago, had been secretly developing a powerful metal 3D printing process . Now, we’ve seen up close some of the prints that were made with that process and the results are startling, to say the least.

An extremely fine 3D printed metal mesh by Velo3D’s Sapphire system

As you can see in the Velo3D print images showcased here, the level of detail is quite incredible. Extremely fine structures are not only present, but printed with extreme accuracy. This capability means the Velo3D Sapphire system should be able to 3D print objects not possible on other metal 3D printing gear. How do they accomplish this? After a discussion with company representatives, it became clear what was going […]