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There’s something very interesting going down at Velo3D. The previously mysterious California-based metal 3D printing startup made a splash last fall with their new Sapphire metal 3D printer , which has the incredible ability to 3D print extreme overhangs without the need for support structures. Today we learned quite a bit more about the company and their strategic goals. It seems they believe they have a solution approach for the fundamental problems in metal 3D printing that have not yet been attempted by others. Those issues include an assurance of part quality, extreme consistency and actual design freedom. What? Isn’t 3D printing all about design freedom? Can’t you print any geometry? In fact, due to the incredible complexities in 3D printing metal objects, there actually is far less design freedom than you might imagine. There are all kinds of constraints around the thickness of walls, overhangs, holes, thermal warping, […]