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Value of 3D printing isn’t measured in dollars

Value of 3D printing isn't measured in dollars

Written by David

June 17, 2019

Detroit — Product cost is no longer the sole driver when it comes to making a business case for using additive manufacturing, according to panelists at the Rapid + TCT trade show. But additive manufacturing still has to add value for companies to choose the technology over traditional manufacturing processes. “What does value actually mean?” asked Markus Seibold, vice president of additive manufacturing for Siemens AG’s power and gas division. “I guess the initial assumption has really been … that value at the beginning was associated with reduced product cost. And then the adoption rate just didn’t come through as you expected because every single part you looked at — if you associate value with product cost — basically you’re not getting enough good business cases,” he said. Siemens uses 3D printing to produce gas turbine components in addition to rapid prototyping, spare part replacement and repair applications. But […]


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