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Utah man builds bulletproof stormtrooper suit with 3-D printer

Written by David

January 15, 2020

A man in Saratoga Springs made a stormtrooper, suit from scratch that’s nearly ready for battle in a galaxy far, far away.


The latest Star Wars film has been a box office blockbuster and a must-see movie for many in Utah. It’s even inspired some unusual creativity.


“I’m just a Star Wars fan,” said Nils Rasmusson, a computer software engineer with a lot of hobbies. “I love the outfits, and the characters on the dark side guys in particular.” Rasmusson has always been a Star Wars fan, and decided to make a Stormtrooper suit with a friend. “(It’s) just a nerdy, fun idea we came up with and decided to give it a try,” he said. He’s always loved making things, but really expanded his hobby when he bought his first 3-D printer five years ago.


“This is outside of my usual stuff,” he said, pointing […]

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