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US military builds barracks using “world’s largest” 3D printer

Written by Paul

September 11, 2018

3 pictures US Marine Corps Systems Command used a 3D printer to construct a prototype concrete barracks measuring 500 sq ft (46 sq m) in just 40 hours 3D-printed construction seems a good fit for the military. The emerging technology is relatively portable and inexpensive, and could potentially even save lives if it means soldiers receive a safe barracks in a shorter time. With this in mind, the US Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) recently constructed a prototype concrete barracks in under two days with what it calls the world’s largest 3D printer. MCSC’s Additive Manufacturing Team collaborated with I Marine Expeditionary Force to build the prototype barracks at the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center in Champaign, Illinois. The 3D printer was used to build a basic barracks hut measuring 500 sq ft (46 sq m) in just 40 hours. According to MCSC, it normally takes 10 […]


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