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Upprinting Food – cutting down food waste with 3D printing

Upprinting Food – cutting down food waste with 3D printing

Written by David

December 22, 2018

Food waste is a big problem. We throw out a lot of edible food for not being aesthetically pleasing or at the end of the sell by date, even though in many cases, this food is still good to eat. Upprinting Food wants to give this food a new life by changing how it’s presented. This group takes food that would normally be wasted and uses it as the base in a 3D printer. They puree and mix the food and then print it into new, fun shapes. These are then baked and dehydrated creating a sort of cookie that can be used in other food products. Mostly they as used as a sort of attractive garnish or cup but even so, this is a really cool way to use some of the food that is being wasted and make dishes more attractive. The group partners with local restaurants […]


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