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[Updating] What leading 3D printing companies around the world are doing to address the Coronavirus crisis

Written by David

March 25, 2020

As many industrial giants around the world (Tesla, Ferrari, Airbus, FCA just to mention a few) take extensive measures to repurpose their production lines, for 3D printing companies this is just a matter of changing the CAD file.


While 3D printing alone does not have the industrial capabilities to serially produce very complex machinery it can certainly play a role in many other situations that require a rapid response. The situation is evolving rapidly: 3dpbm is in touch with dozens of 3D printing companies around the world that have made their services and expertise available in a number of ways. This is how some of the leading 3D printing companies are responding to the COVID-19 emergency so far. Stratasys One of the face shields 3D printed by Stratasys. Stratasys is using its industrial FDM technology to produce personal protective gear for […]


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