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UNIZ’s new SLASH 2 SLA 3D printer offers build speed of 1200 mm/hr

San Diego based UNIZ Technology unveiled the newest of its line of fast, high precision 3D printers – The SLASH 2 and SLASH 2J at the CES 2019 conference. The SLASH 2 series stereolithography 3D printers have a high accuracy of 49.5 and 32.8 microns and are designed for dentistry, jewelry and custom manufacturing applications. As with other UNIZ products, the SLASH 2 3D printer comes equipped with the trademark cUDP technology, which broke record 3D print speeds of up to 1200 mm/hr. The SLASH 2 3D printer offers an 8.9 inch high-resolution LCD screen. This stereolithography 3D printer has a build size of 192 mm x 120 mm and is capable of printing 376 rings simultaneously. “UNIZ is proud to unveil the SLASH 2 series of 3D printers, an improvement on our first SLASH 3D printer that previously broke the record for highest 3D printing speed,” said Jin […]


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