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University at Buffalo tracks infill fingerprints back to source 3D printers

Written by Paul

October 23, 2018

PrinTracker is a 3D printer identification system recently developed by researchers at the University at Buffalo in New York. With this system, 3D printed objects can be tracked back to the machine that created them. Its purpose is to help law enforcers crack down on the potential unethical and criminal use of 3D printers. Counterfeiting, IP infringement and even the row over 3D printed guns are put in their place by this new system. The PrinTracker fingerprinting process. Image via Xu et al. University at Buffalo Security procedures for 3D printing are in experimentation across the industry for the potential dangers their pose to development sectors in defense, aerospace, automotive and beyond. Such features span from blockchain technology for protecting master files; through to secure supply chain monitoring; and embedded QR codes to help ensure the 3D printed part is authentic. PrinTracker’s niche within this area is the ability […]


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