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Understanding Joule Printing™ – A Multi-Metal 3D Printing Technology

Understanding Joule Printing™ – A Multi-Metal 3D Printing Technology

Written by David

March 12, 2019

Joule Printing™ is a multi-material metal 3D printing technology which uses a metal wire rather the expensive powders As we read about the rapid progress of the 3D printing technology, we also see a rapid rise in the number of novel 3D printing technologies developed and patented by global companies to solve specific issues in 3D printing. Digital Alloys , a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of multi-metal additive manufacturing systems, has developed and patented a 3D printing technology named as Joule Printing™ technology . It is considered to be a radically simple new process that uses wire feedstock and high deposition rates to print the hardest metal parts faster and at a lower cost than any other solution. This technology has the unique ability to mix multiple metals in a solid part, enabling customers to push the limits of design and create new products with optimized thermal, electrical, magnetic, and mechanical […]


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