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Understanding Design for Additive Manufacturing

Understanding Design for Additive Manufacturing

Written by David

May 10, 2019

In his book, The World History of Design , author Victor Margolin argues that design “develops out of a sense of social needs.” He believes that the potential of design lies in solving big problems and the creation of culture . As our hyperconnected world evolves and deals with today’s unique geopolitical and economical challenges, design for additive manufacturing is here to change how we prepare products for manufacturability. Design for Additive Manufacturing ( DfAM ) is the art, science and skill to design for manufacturability using 3D printers. Different from traditional manufacturing, this additive design process empowers engineers to create more intricate shapes and production parts while reducing weight and material consumption. It’s a complete reversal of the conventional ways of thinking about design. In fact, 59 percent of 3D printing stakeholders at companies worldwide said additive manufacturing has already changed the way they think and operate, according […]


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