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UI students design 3D printed prosthetics for kids in need

UI students design 3D printed prosthetics for kids in need

Written by David

December 6, 2018

A new student organization, 3D Iowa, recently raised almost $3,000 to support their initiative to provide low-cost prosthetics to families in need. A recently formed student organization at the University of Iowa tries to make a difference with the power of 3D-printing technology. 3D Iowa, formed at the beginning of the semester, has raised nearly $3,000 to support its initiative to create 3D-printed prosthetics for children as an alternative to expensive prosthetics kids can quickly outgrow. “Kids, growing up, they have to get a new prosthetic every year. That $15,000 [prosthetic cost] is multiplied by several years,” said 3D Iowa President and co-founder Cody Wilson. “We can get the cost down to $50 per unit and are able to donate it to them for free.” 3D Iowa is currently working on building a prosthetic hand for a 1-year-old from San Antonio. The group partnered with eNable, a national organization […]


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